The 2017-2018 Executive Board

Producer - Ajit J. Mathews
Artistic Director - Paolo Arceo
Production Manager - Nina Langhorn
Director of Finance - Jess Kerman
Director of Marketing - Katie Siegel

What Do We Do?

  • The Producer oversees all the affairs of the company. This includes serving as a liaison between members, general and executive boards, and the administrative and faculty advisors. Additionally, the producer is responsible for presiding over all meetings, communicating between departments of the general and executive boards, acting as the figurehead of Cabaret and representing it outside of the theatre, maintaining a roster of current membership, disseminating information to the general membership through monthly newsletters, working out logistics with outside organizations, and handling tasks not allocated in these bylaws. The Producer specifically oversees the entire executive board, the general board, the Secretary, the Special Events Coordinator, the Director of Recruitment and Outreach, and any new positions created henceforth.
  • The Artistic Director is responsible for preserving the artistic integrity of the theatre company. The duties of the Artistic Director are to maintain an active presence and voice at all performances, rehearsals, auditions, and tech days. The Artistic Director specifically oversees all of the directors chosen for the season, the Directors’ Showcase Coordinator, the Original Play Festival Coordinator, staffs for productions, and casts of all productions. 
  •  The Production Manager supervises the entire Cabaret space. He or she is responsible for supervising tech days and builds, maintaining the wardrobe areas, and coordinating any cleaning days and renovations. The Managing Director oversees the Technical Director(s) and House Manager. 
  • The Director of Finance maintains and updates the season budget. This includes ensuring all productions stay within budget; handling receipts and box office returns; filling out paperwork with SABO; and depositing money in a timely matter. The Director of Finance oversees the Box Office Manager(s). They also buy any necessary provisions to sell during productions. 
  • The Director of Marketing oversees all promotion of productions and events. This is accomplished by posting fliers and maintaining online social networking profiles, monthly newsletters, brochures, and other media. The Marketing Director supervises the Social Media Chair and the Marketing Team.