A Series of Special Events is Upon Us! Disclaimer: these events are neither "Lemony" nor "Unfortunate"

 real talk who put me in charge of this

real talk who put me in charge of this

Welcome back to Rutgers, everyone! I hope you’ve all perfected the gotta-look-like-i’m-not-about-to-slip-and-fall-in-the-snow-in-front-of-this-entire-bus-of-kids look, what with the huge snow mounds that now adorn every inch of campus - if I’m being honest, I know I’m still workin on makin it look cool. (my unreliable snow boots are intent on making me lose this battle).

 me tryna walk to class after jonas visited

me tryna walk to class after jonas visited

You know what place on campus doesn’t have a lot of snow blocking you from entering? Cabaret Theatre! (w0o0w, betcha didn't see that one coming!) We’re all plowed out and salted and ready to take in your confused-because-it’s-cold-but-I’m-sweating-from-all-my-layers-and-walking-around-all-day look into our humble home for our Series of Special Events!

Sunday, January 31 @ 7 PM

Our kick off event will be a Comedy Night! Dust off your piggy banks or dig into your couch cushions for 3 bucks and come watch Rutgers’ funniest kids show their shtuff. If you want to be one of the students showing the shtuff, make sure you let us know beforehand, because we’re not taking performers at the door - don’t miss out! Get in touch with our Special Event Coordinators, Toni Pollitt and Jackie Malzone, at tp17@comcast.net and jem352@scarletmail.rutgers.edu.

P.S. all proceeds from this event will go to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention!

Friday, February 5 @ 8 PM


Were you one of the cool kids last semester who were spotted at our first ever R Factor? If you answered no, fear not, kiddies - Cab’s doin it again! Julianna Pica and Kim Bollard are hosting this X Factor inspired talent show, where you (yes, you!) can compete to win some fantabulous prizes! Get your parents to venmo you another 3 bucks so you don’t miss out! As always, hit up Toni (tp17@comcast.net) or Jackie (jem352@scarletmail.rutgers.edu) if you wanna sign up!

Saturday, February 6 @ 8 PM



Come watch a bunch of student directors and actors in our Night of One Page Plays! After tonight's workshop, groups will have been divided and given different scenes to work on, some props to choose from, and a costume inventory to peruse - setting them up for a fantastic ride on dat imagination train (plz don't ask me to clarify what that is because I won’t have an answer and I already committed to saying it)! An event unlike anything we've done before, the Night of One Page Plays will showcase the unique minds of our students; the directors will work with different casts on the same scenes, and we can see how each cast interprets the same texts. Does this sound fun to you? Of course it does. So pack on dem layers, maybe pick up a couple bucks for that $ugge$ted donation, and come hang!

Cabaret Theatre's calendar is jam-packed with great events coming up for this semester, which means I'll be back before ya know it. I hope ya don't miss me too much! :*

xoxo, gossip gi..............anna. 




Come see Grace at Cab and rediscover your feelings!

Unless you've been living under a rock, you should be well aware that Cabaret Theatre is showing their mainstage production of Grace, written by Craig Wright and directed by Dalton Zogleman (Theatre, 5th year, Class of 2016)

**Trigger warning for sexual assault, violence, and weaponry*

After watching their first tech run last night, I could entice you with really vague phrases and things that popped up in my head like "space plumber" or "why are there so many bugs in this apartment complex??" or "what is Kelly even saying when she's speaking in French at the beginning of that one scene???" but you'll all probably benefit more from a legitimate description, which I procured from Dalton: 

 live action shot of yours truly and dalt-ON during the first night of tech!

live action shot of yours truly and dalt-ON during the first night of tech!

Grace is about faith, not in the religious sense, and what happens when one has too much or too little of it. Steve and Sara have moved to Florida to follow a lucrative business deal. As Sara befriends Sam, their neighbor who recently lost his fiance in a car crash, we see the inner workings of relationships and faith. The play is an exploration of what it means to love, and, with the help of an exterminator named Karl, what true belief looks like.

Dalton is definitely no stranger to the stage, and has experience in almost every aspect of the theatre. His favorite part about being director the ability to have the largest artist impact as well as being able to collaborate with a cast to create a product that is " personal, powerful, and truthfu". 

"I chose to propose this play because its a beautiful story. It resonates with me on so many levels. We all know people like the characters of the play and it makes great commentary on the divisive issues of faith in our country today."

This show definitely brings up a lot of different views about evolution and the creation of man, and the debate goes on throughout the whole show, along with intense backstories from Karl and Steve. Whether you're super religious or not, I have no doubt that audience members will be able to connect with these characters on some level. 

This connection is exactly what Kelly Lozo (Business Management major, Theatre and American Studies double minor, Sophomore) was able to explore a little more when trying to channel Sara.  "Personally, I am not a very religious person but it was beautiful to dive into the world of God for a little while and experience this intimate connection Sara feels to everything else in the world. It's about being open and vulnerable as Sara, but in her openness she carries an inspiring strength."

My favorite part about talking to members of each show is asking how they felt about the rehearsal process. I love seeing the bonds that each cast creates with each other throughout the several weeks they're together. It is clear that in this show, Dalton did a really fantastic job in getting his cast of four to really understand their characters and their relationships with each other, which ultimately led to a fantastic show.   Kelly told me that her favorite part of any show is always "the beginning table work and crafting. Sitting down with people and discovering the world of the play and your place in it is such a creative and rewarding process. Especially with this cast in particular, Dalton did such a professional job drawing each of us out. 

After talking to Liam McGeary (Music Education - Percussion, Sophomore), he had similar sentiments about the whole thing. "The director and the cast really set up an environment in which we all got lost in the material and got in really deep and it was just a really creatively enlightening experience. " 

What to expect when you’re expecting... to see Grace: Soup, Bandages, Phones, Coffee Table, Love, Gun, Old German Man, Lights, Prayer, Tea, an iPod from 2006, 4 amazingly talented actors, and a Partridge in a Pear Tree* *Note: Partridge in a Pear Tree may not be available at all performances.
— Dalton Zogleman, Director

Grace also has other cool stuff like cool wibbly wobbly timey-wimey things, a groovy soundtrack in between scenes, and Finnerty yelling profanities! (only like 1 or 2 times tops, though, nbd tbh)

Real talk though, this show really touched me in a way that I wasn't expecting. Definitely make your way over to Suydam Street and see this show, because it's one that you're not gonna wanna miss. 

That’s a bunch of donkey doodie.
— Karl

You all still have 2 hours to support Cabaret Theatre in #RUGivingDay! Head over to the Giving Day website to see how you can help!

First-Time Directors Showin' You Wassup in Cabaret's Directors' Showcase!

It's that time of year again - Cabaret welcomes you to see our company's freshest new directors in the Directors' Showcase!

Generally, students come to Rutgers not having had any experience in directing any type of show. However, we've got some really fancy kids over here at Cabaret! These 7 super talented theatre members have decided to tackle the arduous, exhilarating and ultimately immensely rewarding position of directors of short shows!

Is your eyebrow raising skeptically right now? Or are they raising because you're confused? Or have you stopped reading altogether? I'll never know the answers to any of these questions. BUT, my dear sirs and madams, I'm here to tell you that I got all of the deets that should entice you to mosey on down Suydam Street this weekend and check these kids out!

"Sure Thing" by David Ives

Are you a hopeless romantic? Well, Stephanie Leiva (Senior, Math and Theatre) directs a show about true love, soul mates, and an eavesdropping barista. Set in a coffee shop, Bill and Betty meet for the first time, but time keeps turning backwards every time that darn barista dings the bell. When happens at the end? You're gonna have to come and find out!

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 12.52.49 AM.png

Leiva is no stranger to the stage, being in several shows with our friends over at LTC, and most recently being our lovely host for Rutgers Night Live. Not knowing when she would be able to do theater again (*cue sad face emoji*), she took on this play that she first read 4 years ago in a speech class. "I'm very serious about the true scene work and honest, truthful doing in acting. This show lends itself to true crafting and working on core techniques in acting." This aspiring director had a "one in a million experience" with her cast that she says had the same values in acting that she does, and who have actually become great friends of hers throughout this process. 

When I asked her what was most surprising about leading the show instead of being a member of the cast, she said the best part was being the one with all the ideas. "Being an actor, I never really 'created art', I more so just made someone else's ideas come to life. It was so amazing to be the person to hold the reigns [...]. I'm seeing the thoughts and ideas in my head come true, and I've never had that before." 

Intrigued? You know what to do - just click that box office button at the top of this page! :)

If you believe in soul mates, if you believe in second chances, if you believe in wearing your heart on your sleeve, and if you believe in art reflecting life, come see “Sure Thing”, directed by Leiva.
— Leiva (duh)

"Baggage Unattended" by Eric Coble

Emily Reineke (Junior, Music Education) takes you to the airport, where a couple waiting for their flight sees an unattended bag. As they try to persuade each other of their own beliefs, paranoia sets in and the couple struggles with the decision to open the bag. Will we ever find out what’s in the bag, or will the couple’s dysfunctional relationship lead to their own downfall? .......COME SEE THE SHOW AND FIND OUT! (this isn't over, I have 6 more shows to go)

Another student who has tons of experience onstage, Emily explains that the most challenging part about being a first-time director was actually doing the thing. "Because I’ve been in a lot of shows, I’ve worked with a lot of directors and always saw them as the person who had it all together. However, there were several times throughout the process where I didn’t know exactly what I wanted and had to figure things out as I went along. It was difficult at times to articulate just what I wanted from my actors, but I’ve been getting better at it, it’s all part of the learning process!" 

Wanna see what resulted from this "encouraging, fulfilling, eye-opening, and hard-working" experience? Reserve your ticket today!

My cast is beautiful and everyone should get a chance to see the hard work they’ve put in. I’m so glad they were part of my first directing experience, I couldn’t have done it without them.
— Emily

"Trash" by Justice Hehir and Alyssa Krompier

And onto a completely new topic - "Trash" is a feminist piece challenging the audience and the actors to consider the Free The Nipple movement and potential flaws in the American justice system.  Two different girls are brought together on the side of a highway to do community service for very different reasons and get the chance to learn from each other’s experiences.  

Director Elizabeth Alt (First Year, Undecided) is brand new to Cabaret, but wanted to jumpstart her college theatre experience with DS. Since she's used to being a cast member, she explains that the biggest difference between the two experience is "In a cast, I felt like verything was more individual. I only had to worry about myself being prepared. As a director, you have to make sure everyone is on the same page all of the time, so there is a lot more responsibility." She also gushed about all of the hard work that her cast has put in to this show and about her wonderful experience working with the other directors and the e-board (wooh!). Want to watch two talented young actresses try to make you laugh? BUY YO TICKETS NOW!

It’s the perfect combination of controversial yet tasteful and I think everyone will come away with a new way to think about the Free the Nipple Movement.
— Elizabeth

"He Said and She Said" by Alice Gerstenberg

Yay for more feminism! Julianna Pica (Sophomore, Theatre and Journalism) takes us through another funny show about a 40s dinner party gone awry! <<<<This is all you're getting for a description, ya gotta come see for yourself what actually happens :)

Interested in what "the other side" was like, Julianna chose to direct this show because it's a feminist comedy. Her favorite memory was the first full run through, when all the ducks were in a row. Though she found her first directing experience to be stressful because other people initially tried to guide her through the process, she realized that "directing is personal and different for everyone."

People should come to Directors’ Showcase because feminism is awesome and everyone loves a comedy.
— Julianna

"Death Knocks" by Woody Allen

Although Ivana Melara (Sociology, Gender and Media minor, Film certificate with MGSA) has had experience in directing previous film and tv series projects, this is her first time directing a play! Encouraged by her positive experience in working on Avenue Q last year with her best friend, she's here now for DS!

"Death Knocks" takes a serious topic like death, and twists it into lighthearted jargon during a game of gin rummy with Death himself. The show unveils some strange yet comforting characteristics that the character Death encompasses and we see how sometimes our final moments of life do not necessarily have to be as depressing as one would think.

Something I found interesting was her observation about the difference between directing a play onstage as opposed to something filmed on camera. There is an audience, she explains, so "there is definitely more pressure to perfect a scene since there are not going to be any reshot or retakes like film." The more you know!

I have found that the guidance and assistance of Cabaret’s producer and DS coordinator, as well as my fellow directors, has helped me prevail and create a show for all to enjoy. My current cast and those who have previously assisted me in this process have been hard working and enjoyable to work with. I am a very proud director!
— Ivana

"Some Fresh Ideas" by Zachary Sinkiewicz

Looking for "a productive and humorous time"? Well, Jillian Hanna (Junior, Theatre and Psychology) has something ready for you! A story with an unexpected romance between youngsters interning for an Off-Off-Broadway producer named Hoss, we watch as they work to save his job by coming up with the next biggest thing to hit the stage.

Mostly being in the spotlight, Jillian found herself "visualizing the different ways that certain scenes could be staged, how our costumes might look, and what type of person might fit one of the roles in the current show." In an effort to learn and experience as many aspects of theatre as she can, she wanted to add being a director to the list and answer all of those questions for herself. Come and see these answers for yOURselves and call dibs on your ticketzz!!

It has been both strange and exciting to use my knowledge on the art of acting to help my actors build a strong emotional life and get in touch with the truth of their work.
— Jillian

"Cindy & Julie" by Bruce Kane

Who doesn't love a good spin fairytale spinoff? TJ Ellis (Freshman) directs a hilarious show about Cinderella and Juliet Capulet's encounter in their psychiatrists waiting room. Love talking about whether or not happily ever after exists? Then this is the show for you!

PSSSSST......you still there? You are? Well wHAT ARE YOU STILL DOING HERE?

RESERVE YOUR TICKETS FOR THIS AWESOME SHOW! Click the Box Office button at the top or email cabtheatre@gmail.com to call your dibs!


See you there :)

Come see Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead - THIS WEEKEND ONLY!

Looking for something to do before/after trick or treating this weekend? Mosey on down to Cabaret Theatre and watch the talented members of our company put on this awesome tragicomedy (yes that's a thing)!

Told from the perspectives of two minor characters from Shakespeare's Hamlet, Rosencrantz (Mario Gambino) and Guildenstern (Celine Dirkes) are essentially going through life "behind the scenes", trying to work out their confusion about what's going on around them. 

Julianna Pica (Sophomore, Double major in English and Theatre) plays one of the three Tragedians, and says that "the best part about being in the show is how meta it is.  It is hamlet from the perspective of the two most insignificant characters. We have done the show so many times now, and I realize something new about the show everyday. The ending is up to interpretation. Come see it because everyone is going to leave with a distinct impression of how it ended." If you're one of those cool kids who like to think outside the box, this show is for you!

Hamlet meets Gilmore Girls
— -Matthew Finnerty (Super Senior; Economics Major, Theatre Minor), when I asked him for 4 words to describe the show

If you've taken a high school english class, you almost definitely had to read Hamlet, whether or not you remember it. Instead of him being the big hot shot, main character, he mainly comes in to update us on what's been happening in the actual Hamlet, which happens to be the backstory for this show. 

I love the part of Hamlet! As one of the most famously complex characters in theater history, it’s been a fascinating experience exploring and learning about him. Also as much of his story takes place offstage, it was interesting practice in trying to create a believable life offstage!
— -Benji Sills (Hamlet), Junior Communications Major

You only have two more chances to see this fantastic show! Closing night is tomorrow at 7 pm.

It's an incredibly deep and eye-opening show, carried by a tremendous cast and crew! (Benji also said this.)

Come to Cabaret's Weekend of Special Events!

No plans for this weekend besides hoping that the internet doesn't poop out on us again?? Good news - Cabaret Theatre has really fun things coming up that don’t require the internet at all in our Weekend of Special Events!


Friday, October 2nd - A Night of Shakespeare

 google images just gets me sometimes

google images just gets me sometimes

Come on down to hear or perform all things written by or inspired by the great Willy Shakes! Whether it be his sonnets, scenes from any of his plays, original work inspired by him, or even covers of songs that reference his works, like Love Story by Taylor Swift, show us what you've got!


If you’re currently thinking, “To be or not to be?”, I can tell you the answer right now - it’s definitely the right choice TO BE there on Friday! [fun fact: my friends all told me that joke was lame but I typed it anyway]

Saturday, October 3rd - The R Factor

Are you a huge fan of talent competition shows on TV? We've got our own version here on the banks! Sign up to compete in The R Factor and get the chance to win 1 of 3 fantastic prizes. Hosted by Cab's very own talented and hilarious members, Abid Hassan and Matt Finnerty, you lucky Rutgers students can try your hand at wooing the 3 judges - a rep from Cabaret, Livingston Theatre Company, and College Avenue Players. Who needs Simon, Demi, or Britney when you've got Eddie, Brenna, and Scott?

Come get your William Hung on!

Sunday, October 4th - Disney: Outside the Lines

 I clearly have too much time on my hands

I clearly have too much time on my hands

Have you ever thought, "Wow, I wish I could perform I'll Make A Man Out of You somewhere, I can definitely hit those low notes even though I'm an alto!" I DEFINITELY HAVE. If you answered yes to that question, then clear your Sunday night plans because now is your chance! Pick any disney song and maybe grab a couple friends to join you in singing any Disney song (or Broadway song) in any way you want! 

 someone should perform this on Sunday

someone should perform this on Sunday

Coming from a girl who was cast as Papa Ge in her 8th grade production of Once On This Island, I can vouch that portraying a different gender on stage is so much fun! 

Have I convinced you yet? Yes? Fantastic! Go on ahead and email our Special Event Coordinators,

Toni Pollitt (tp17@comcast.net) and Jackie Malzone (jem352@scarletmail.rutgers.edu).

I'll be there throughout the weekend, and I can't wait to see y'all strut your stuff on Cab's stage! Until next time, internet peoples!

- ban-Anna bread