The 2016-2017 General Board!

General Board Representative: Celine Dirkes

Associate Producer: Ajit J. Mathews

Special Events Coordinator: Jillian Hanna

Rutgers Night Live Representative: Jillian Hanna

Directors' Showcase Coordinator: Lauren Burcheri

Original Play Festival Coordinator: Elizabeth Alt

Technical Directors: Shayna Carney & Monika Jasionek

Technical Special Events Coordinator: Nina Langhorn

House Manager: Gayle Fuentes

Costumes and Properties: Katie Siegel

Box Office Manager: Sam Azad

Box Office Assistants: Jessica Kerman, Maya Mitterhoff, Danielle Shabi, & Amy Cruz

Photographer: Paolo Arceo

Videographer: Larry Fried

Social Media Coordinator: Anna Espinoza

Press Secretary: Mary Berko

Marquee Specialist: Alex Albanese

What Do We Do?

For the year of 2016-2017, Cabaret’s general board resolves to promote and create a diverse, friendly, welcoming & professional community to celebrate student voices with open-mindedness & creativity. We will strive to create memorable, affective theatre—without any “qualifiers”—for & including new voices, those with less experience and those who may feel they’re “not supposed” to be involved in theatre. We will reach out to those who may not feel they can reach out to us, as well as to the larger Rutgers community to create an ethic of positivity, integrity, and innovation, so that our whole community may have the opportunity to call Cabaret home.

House Manager

The House Manager handles the space during performances. This includes assisting patrons, helping staff and cast, and performing basic maintenance to the space before the show. If the House Manager is part of the production staff of a show, or has been excused from their duties for a performance, then the Managing Director will fulfill the House Manager duties for the performance(s) that the House Manager is away. 

Box Office Manager

The Box Office Manager(s) handles all monies either from donations, ticket sales, or concessions and is/are responsible for giving the money to the finance director.

Technical Director and Technical Coordinator

The Technical Director leads builds, strikes, and clean-ups in the space. The Technical Coordinator plans the builds, strikes, etc.

Special Events Coordinator

The Special Events Coordinator coordinates events outside of main stage productions. The Special Events Coordinator acts as a liaison with outside Cabaret organizations hoping to use the space and oversees events other than main stage shows. Additionally, this member oversees fundraising and community service/outreach projects and plans/organizes the traditional end-of-year Cabaret Ball.

*A typical special event will only be in the space for 2 to 3 days maximum.

Social Media Chair(s)

The Social Media Chair(s) write(s) the blog for Cabaret and updates the website. In addition, the Social Media Chair(s) assist(s) the Marketing Director in updating Facebook statuses and tweets.

Directors’ Showcase Coordinator

The Directors’ Showcase Coordinator oversees the overall production of DS. They help in the selection of directors, scenes, and cast members, and advise the directors during their process. 

Original Play Festival Coordinator

The Original Play Festival Coordinator oversees the overall production of OPF. They help in the selection of original one-acts/scenes/shorts and cast members, and advise the directors during their process.